Industrial Print Services

Aurora Labs’ multi-discipline engineering team can design, modify and print new and legacy parts. We offer an end-to-end solution from inventory assessment, 3D scanning, design and optimization for duty, to production and deployment.  Our in-house printers in Perth enable us to offer short-run and serial 3D printing in metals as well as in a wide range of polymers.

How it works


We assess your inventory and identify items viable for AM printing using a range of assessment criteria. Often end-users already have a list of priority items they wish to explore printing to overcome performance or supply chain issues.


Obsolete or legacy parts can be reverse engineered by our team in Perth with the aid of 3D scanning to recreate a digital file that’s able to be 3D printed. We can also modify your existing designs to improve the functional performance, reduce weight or improve the viability of the print design. Items can also undergo FEA or CFD analysis before printing.

Qualification and compliance

Following the initial design, we enter a stage of rapid prototyping where testing can be conducted according to a pre-defined criteria and may include NDT, test-to-failure, plant trials before being approved for use.


Once the design is finalized, the part can be manufactured in a variety of materials from various metal alloys using our own 3D metal powder bed fusion printer. Aurora can also 3D print a wide range of polymers including high temperature plastics such as carbon fibre reinforced PEEK and ULTEM using our in-house Intamsys 410 printer for industrial applications right here in Perth.

Contact Us

For more about Aurora‘s 3D printing services along with the materials and technology available, please reach out to a member of our team.