About Us

Aurora Labs Limited

Aurora 3D is developing a suite of market leading technologies, with its flagship high-power, multi-laser 3D printing package ready to commercialise. The package is primed to service the market for an affordable, industrial grade, high productivity, high accuracy 3D metal printer, competitive with traditional metal manufacturing on a cost-effective basis.

High productivity, on demand printing, is a potential solution for local industry facing supply chain challenges. Aurora 3D is actively engaging with potential technology partners both locally in Perth and globally to achieve those goals.

Aurora 3D fosters a robust discovery culture in its highly skilled team of in-house specialists and is enthusiastic about the future of additive manufacturing in the wider industrial technology community through the 3D printing services that we provide.

Chairman: Grant Mooney
Chief Executive Officer: Rebekah Letheby

Aurora Labs is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:A3D)

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