AL250 – Combining Function with Power

Designed for industry with advanced research technology

The AL250 is an industrial machine that provides advanced research capabilities. The system is equipped with a market-leading 1500W fibre laser (option of single or dual laser) that enables a high level of productivity and the ability to process a wide range of materials.

The 4D scan-head provides independent, real-time adjustment of laser focus and spot magnification, enabling total control of the energy distribution of the laser spot. High laser power parameters enable market leading productivity per laser. The gas re-circulation system and chamber have been designed to optimise gas flow and reduce powder trap points to improve machine cleaning.

Our software offers user-friendly operation for everyday applications, along with advanced parameter control for optimising processes and material development. With temperature control functionality, we enhance thermal stability, resulting in superior part quality.

The AL250 system also enables continuous bi-directional printing, utilising Aurora Labs patented MCPTM technology. This maximises the laser on-time, further increasing the production rate and efficiency of the system.

AL250 Machine Highlights

  • Efficient build volume 250 x 250 x 300mm
  • Single or dual 1500W fibre laser system for fast production
  • Continuous bi-directional printing powered by MCPTM
  • Precision 4D optics with 75-150μm spot size
  • Process monitoring using thermal and optical cameras
  • Environmental control O2, humidity, gas flow and pressure
  • Advanced software for material development
  • User friendly design with fast material changes and easy maintenance
  • Unique powder delivery system allowing for use of irregular shaped powders

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