Spiropak for Curtin University

Wednesday May 25, 2022

Spiropak for Curtin University

The Challenge

Mass Transfer Columns are used for a variety of industrial chemical processes. However, flooding, foaming and high-pressure drops associated with traditional packing structures causes a lot of wastage. Curtin University tasked us with collaborating on a solution.

The Solution

After an intense R&D process by Curtin, SpiroPak was born. This design uses a smooth spiral or helical path to optimize contact between gases and liquids. This geometry can only be produced using Additive Manufacturing technologies.

The Results

SpiroPak has led to a big increase in the efficiency of mass transfer columns.
The design is extremely flexible:
 – It’s modular, so you can change its form or scale in response to a job. 
 – It can be made from different materials in order to suit specific operating conditions